Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Linux Kernel Version 3.0 is on the horizon

Yes you've heard it right, next stable kernel release version is not going be 2.8 instead its going to be 3.0. As this year marks the 20th anniversary of Linux, according to Linus the kernel version is instead leap frogged straight to 3.0 to reflect this achievement. Of course this numbering change have been in the air for quite some time, its just that it received the official confirmation straight from the horses mouth. For the time being the new kernel will be version ed as "3.0.0-rc1" until its ready for mass deployment.

Now for the exciting part, the features.

Well, as it turn out to be the new kernel actually is not expected to have any ground breaking new features, instead according to Linus its just an improved kernel with new device drivers and some bug fixes. no API or ABI changes. This means no significant changes in the kernel.

The current kernel version of 2.6.xx have been around since 2003, therefore i guess Linus might have thought its better to go for a major release number.


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